ERP Property companies

Adjustment of the Zoho CRM solution, designed specifically for manages real state agencies. With this vertical, the business of properties sale and rent have an already prepare application to manage the internal process of company.

The software use Zoho CRM software as a base, the market leader solution to the relationship with the client in the small and medium companies. Zoho offers an intuitive environment, simple and ready to work.


Main features of Zoho CRM – ERP Property companies

Leads and costumers (CRM)

Entrance of new contacts from email, web form and main web sites.Commercial management, agend, call register and send email integrated.

Chances and operations.

Control of  chances segmented by state. Data cross between the preferences of client and properties suitable to demand.



Data base of properties with cupersonalized fields.

Search by features and historical offers.

Possibilitiy to export to map the properties availables in a zone.


Creation, tracking and control of marketing campaigns. Integration with mailing, social media and Google AdWords.

Tracking web visitors and send surveys.

Documentation and maps.

Emision offers and documentation, adapted to the corporate image of the client.

Integration with Google Maps for visualizing properties and transfer map to offer.


Creation and control of invoices.

Tracking the entrances, expenses and cash management.


Reports of business state: sales, leads, marketing, properties, offers, commercial activity.

Reports and graphic personalized.

User management

Manage permissions of users and registers. Access control, reports of commercial activity, sales and collaborative work among employees.

Publication web sites and web integration.

Development of coneections with properties web sites.

Integration with web page. Import and export  properties and contacts

Other functionalities available in Zoho CRM – ERP Property companies:

  • Database with custom fields
  • Internal administration board
  • Apps for Smartphone and Tablet
  • Solution in Cloud, accessible from any place and device
  • A complete suite of applications available to integrate


With Zoho guarantee, leader company in CRM with more than 6 million users in all worlds.