ERP Travel agencies

Software ERP for Travel agencies management

S-ERP Online for agencies is a management software adapted to manage and administrate travel agencies. With this software online, you could manage 100% of your agencies business and tourism with an application, centralize all processes and information. The application is offered as cloud solution, flexible and intuitive, that allows a simple configuration to each company.

The solution has, among other functionalities:

  • CRM to relation with customers and control commercial and sales. Marketing.
  • Calculate budgets and offers emission.
  • Personalized stencils to reserve flights, hotels and more.
  • Control the management of trips and reserves.
  • Billing and cashing control. Adapted to special system.
  • Expenses control.
  • Providers.
  • Emission of reports about business state.
  • Integration with reserves programs and shops online.
  • Optimized workflows designs to travel agencies.
  • Cases management and customer service.

With this software you will have under control all your company activities, both internal management as the related with customers. You will obtain a 360º view about is happening in your company, is user-adjustable and could be adapted to your own business. The software is entirely online and could be connected to the system from any device or equipment, with native Apps. The pay is realized by user/month or year licenses and the maintenance and servers run by Zoho.

Services on software to manage agencies:

Conpas offer consultancy services in ERP online to adapt and configure personalize software and include new functionalities. We offer services as implantation, configuration, development, training, integration and support. Contact with us. Although, the software allows the integration with other external applications, as web mail of Google Apps or Outlook, shop online or any other software thanks to its API.

To whom it aimed at?

The solution is recommended to travel agencies need a CRM tool or ERP, all integrated. The system is adapted to manage retail and wholesale agencies and specially indicated for companies who work online.


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