G Suite: google apps for work

Google Apps Business. Email, communication and collaboration to companies.


google-appsGoogle Apps is the Google solution in Cloud to the companies. The application offers a communication and internal collaboration platform, oriented to improve the productivity and mobility of the company.



Google Apps  gathers corporate e-mail, office automation tools, internal sites, collaborative calendars and communication tools in an only suite, enabling online work and giving access to information from any device with internet access.

This model of work reduces IT costs, by taking out the server maintenance and acquisition of new versions of software (automatic updates). The ease of administration, stability and scalability make this a perfect application for daily work.

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Features and Applications integrated into Google Apps:

gmail-google-appsGmail to companies: corporate web email with 25 GB of storage per user, powerful spam filtering, and a level of availability of 99’9%. Allows access to mail from any browser and internet connection or from iOs, Android and Blackberry. Also in offline mode
calendar-google-calendarCalendar: calendar and collaborative agenda. Share your events with a user, with some of them or with all organization. Compatible with Outlook.
docs-google-appsDocs: online documents in real time. Docs allows create documents, spreadsheets, displays, forms, folders… all shared, with different levels of safety in real time.
drive-google-appsDrive: VHD with 5GB storage.possibility of acquiring more storage in any moment at the most affordable price. Offline access.
sites-google-appsSites: manage your intranet without accommodations and without programming knowledges. The possibilities are so many: internal sites, intranet files, blogs and wikis. Control the access and give different permissions to users.
google-apps-groupsGroups:  with Groups you can group users in an only mail direction, making more easy the collaborate work and the users’ organization.
google-apps-cloud-connectCloud Connect: complement to Microsoft Office. Convert office automation suite in a collaborative tool. Share documents, create safety copies or edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents in real time.


Services provided:


If you are thinking about implant Google Apps Business in your company domain, we can help you. Conpas is authorized reseller and count with thousand of users implanted in all worlds.

We offer a wide range of services. We do the installation and registration process, the domain configuration (with multidomain option) and we prepare and realize the migration from your old mail solution.

Also we offer training services, training of employees in management board at user level, could choose between two options: online or face.

As it is an open solution, allows realize developments by Google Apps Engine, integrate other tools of your marketplace or work with other software, like Zoho CRM or our ERP Online.




To whom it aimed at?


Any company, regardless of their size or activity, needs a mail, office automation or agenda management tool. Google Apps provides this service so that they are available, because its price or simplicity, to any organization.

To companies with high mobility, several headquarters and offices, it is interesting because allows connect the employees in the office or out of them.

Companies of all sizes are working with Google Apps, from small companies to big organizations among which include BBVA or Leroy Merlin, among many others. More than 5 millions of companies from all world manages its daily work with the application suite.


Focused to educative centers, exist the possibility to acquire Education version of the tool. With this, the schools, universities, centers and educational institutions don’t have to assume the costs of licenses.


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There are the different available editions in Google Apps.


All Google Apps and Gmail power and security to companies. 


  • -All Apps integrated in the corporate mail account.
  • -25Gb email storage and 10GB share between Apps.
  • -Server in cloud with 5GB storage free.
  • -Available tools to migrate accounts of massive way..
  • -Functionalities to the control and safety included.
  • -Possibility to maintain interface of Outlook.
  • Service guarantee on 99’9% of the time.
  • -Technical support included..

Price: 40€/user/year.

Conpas give advice and Google Apps service to companies. We deliver the application ‘key in hand’ to avoid having to worry about anything.