Salesforce CRM Spain

 Salesforce CRM –  Build, strengthen and measure the customer relationship

Salesforce is the management tool in the cloud, worldwide leader, that allows the implementation of all kinds of business processes by a simple and effective mode.

Conpas, like an authorized partner of Salesforce for Spain, offer all kinds of services in this platform. Ask us about our experience in implantations, developments, integrations and trainings. We are supported by the satisfaction of our clients.

Salesforce is the key tool to manage your business: sales force, workflows, customer website, specific developments…


Thanks to Salesforce CRM your company will get:

  • Satisfied and loyal customers
  • Improve of communication
  • An automatic process
  • Visibility of your sales force


Professionally manage your relationship with the clients and obtains a panel board to the critical process of your business. Large sections already benefit of this technology: retail, marketing, consultancies, HHRR, legal, production, public services…

With Salesforce CRM could manage all business processes of your company with only tool. Emphasize marketing, commercial, after sales services, quality and all kinds of self-services for employees and clients.


Contact with us and we advise you.



Processes supported by Salesforce

Salesforce has multiple features to manage your sales cycle (Salescloud) or multiple services (Servicecloud)


Control your sales force data base. Create works, events and reports by simple and personalize mode. The salesperson will have access to customers and could manage it from any device. Capture your contacts from web, publicity, mail, social media…

Automate the assignment of suitable personnel.


Customer service:

Offer to your clients different means to contact: phone, web, email or social media, with Salesforce you can give the most efficient customer service.


Calculate your results and value objectives based on real data. Manage your campaigns of AdWords, mailing, telemarketing…


Salesforce allows adapting the system to your own workflows. Automate your processes


We can implement any business model by multiple technologic tools Salesforce offer:, APEX, REST/SOAP, API…

We are specialists in all platforms associated to Salesforce:, customer portal, APEX, RES API, SOAP API, PHP, Java…



Services on Salesforce in Spain and South America:

Conpas offers all kinds of services on Salesforce platform, Salescloud, Servicecloud, CRM, Chatter, and other applications on Saleforce suite:

  • Software implantation
  • Integration of: Google Apps, Exchange, SAP, Dynamics…
  • Developments on, Apex, Visualforce….
  • Personalized configuration
  • Create workflows
  • Data migration
  • Training to users
  • Support
  • Advice and consultancy


Conpas offer services in all Spain and South America.


Infographic sales flow in Salesforce CRM:

Infographic representation of typical process in Salesforce environment. The tool allows a complete adaptation to the needs of companies that bet on Salesforce technology.



Infografia flujo comercial Salesforce



Companies to attend Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce is a software that power and flexibility is often implanted in medium and small companies. Also in companies with complex processes, that need set workflows, automations or obtain reporting en marketing campaign.

Salesforce is a perfect complement, as a services layer for  your company ERP. For example, develop a website at has only a part of the cost would have to support with ABAP4 or SAP.


Start to manage your company professionally, online and scalable.