Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM. Leader Software in implantations for small and medium companies.


Zoho CRM is a cloud software that centralize the control of the relation with all important actors in the business process, especially with the customers,

This allows us to define workflows using different data as attracting leads, agenda control, tracking the opportunities, sales management, customer loyalty…




The CRM collects the information in a database and allows us access all historical client files, which we could see at a glance. This generates the diary of our sales force.


The tool centralizes the process of sales, marketing, services, support and management.

Zoho CRM possibilities for small and medium companies access to business process management that before were reserved to big companies cause their price and difficulty. Although it is also valid for the big companies.

Zoho CRM free available in Spanish. Ask our professionals.


Bet on a new model of agile and accessible application, Zoho CRM has a complete integration with Google Apps, Outlook, MailChimp and endless solutions. Its scalability, simple use, flexibility and low cost, convert it in a perfect software to the small and medium companies

Mobile access.

Zoho allows the access to your cloud from any device with Internet connection, also offline mode, with Apps to the main mobile operative systems: iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone, freeing businesses from dependance of specific equipment, hardware and providing them with a full mobility of sales force.


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Functionalities included on Zoho CRM:

Main process managed by the software and completely integrated in the platform.

form-zoho-crmWeb form to attract leads.
zoho-crmTracking of commercial process.
oportunidad-zoho-crmSales opportunity management.
ventas-zoho-crmSales force control. Process branch. Roles and permissions.
actividades-zoho-crmActivities, events and call record. Integration with VozIP.
zoho-crmBudgets, purchase and sales orders.
zoho-crmProducts, stock, store management and orders.
marketing-zoho-crmCRM marketing campaigns: mailing, social media, web chat, Google AdWords… Campaign management and ROI tracking.
email-zoho-crmCommunication with the customer. Send emails and possibility to send text messages
social-zoho-crmSocial integrations and customer support chat.
report-zoho-crmReports to business state and graphics.
facturacion-zoho-crmStandar billing. We recommend Zoho Books or Zoho Invoice to billing management.
zoho-crmIncident management, cases and solutions.
zoho-crmWorkflows and process automation.


The previous functions could hide or combined depending on each client need.


Consultancy services on Zoho CRM.

Conpas, like reseller and authorized partner, offer services that add value of your company software display.

We emphasize the consultory, configuration, data migration, personalize development and support.

The tool allows integration with other software, like Google Apps, Outlook, MailChimp, your ERP software or any other system

Zoho CRM is complemented with a complete application suite, with hundreds of tools that could be integrated with each other. This sets a cloud ecosystem personalized to each business.


Also Zoho has an extensive suite of applications that add to the CRM to the expand the capabilities of the software. With integration with mailing solutions, satisfaction surveys, social content manager, billing, cost accounting, project management, advanced analytics and personal management, among other options.



Conpas has an Online ERP to the full company management.

Convert Zoho CRM in an Oline ERP. 


Infographic of commercial process on Zoho CRM.

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Infografía del proceso comercial sobre zoho crm

Infografía sobre el proceso comercial de Zoho CRM


To who it’s aimed at?

 Software suitable for the small and medium company, because its low cost and its simple use. If you are searching a software to one organization with more than 250 employees and you need a CRM more complex, we recommend visiting our Salesforce CRM page.

Vertical sectors developed by Conpas


Fruit of the experience, knowledge of our clients, we make available our vertical developments to the needs of your sector. Enjoy the proven solutions to get substantial savings in costs and time.

Our specialized consultors advise you in all process of selecting the management tools more appropriate to your needs.



See different solutions to sectors


Logistic | consultancy and computing | telemarketing | call centers | constructors | store orders | promotions | pharmaceutical sectors | training| travel agencies


Zoho CRM versions.


To 10 users. Limited functions:

  1. – Lead management
  2. – Accounts, contacts and sales opportunities.
  3. – Social CRM
  4. -Forms integrated in the web
  5. – Mobile access
  6. – API to developers

Price: free(3 users)

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All functions of free edition and:

  1. – Sales prognostic
  2. – Reports
  3. – Marketing campaigns
  4. – Email marketing
  5. – Personalization and configuration of CRM

Price: $12 (USD/user/month) – 10€/user/month (price approximate by the change)

10% discount on the buy of annual licenses.

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All functions of standard edition and:

  1. – Security based on roles
  2. – Email integration with Google Apps and Outlook
  3. – Incident management
  4. – Formula fields
  5. – Inventory modules, products, budgets, billing
  6. – Workflows norms
  7. – Workflows

Price: $20 (USD/user/month) – 18€/user/month (approximated price by the change)

10% discount on the buy of annual licenses.

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All Professional edition functions and:

  1. – Security at group level.
  2. – Norms of cases derive
  3. – Automatic answering
  4. – Integration with Help Desk
  5. – Web tabs
  6. – Connection with Call Center
  7. – Norms and automatic workflows.

Price: $35 (USD/user/month) – 31€/user/month (approximated price by the change)

10% discount on the buy of annual licenses.

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