Zoho Suite

Crowd of online applications to communication, collaboration and business management.

Zoho is a set of applications offer in web format or online and add a big quantity of resources and possibilities. Exists around 25 software tools that implement the collaborative and communicative work in business scope.

The main feature of Zoho is its flexibility and simplicity. In a few minutes is possible start to work, only recording user and password and choosing the desired language, including the Spanish. The users can register or drop out each month, allowing a big scalability to the company.

All Zoho Apps are offered in ‘pay for use’ format, and the majority have a free edition as a trial. These are flexible applications allow the personalization and configuration to each company. Conpas, like Zoho partner, offer consultancy services and software configuration, adapted to each business process.

With the purpose of giving more value to applications, can be integrated each using Zoho CRM as a base. So it’s created a management software as each company. Another possibility is the integration with other applications, like Google Apps or MailChimp, adding new possibilities of Zoho CRM.



The main applications for business use are:

Software for sales and marketing:

Software marketing y ventas ZohoAll business applications integrate with Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM: the most known and used applications of suite.Allows the relationship with the client management. Know more and try a Zoho CRM demo.

Zoho Motivator: promotes the competition for improving the team productivity. Know more and try a Zoho Motivator demo.

Zoho SalesIQ: tracking visitors and online chat. Know more and try a Zoho SalesIQ demo.

Zoho Survey: create surveys in web, email and social media. Know more and try a Zoho Survey demo..

Zoho Campaigns: create campaigns using email. Know more and try a Zoho Campaigns demo.

Zoho Sites: create web sites.

Zoho Social: full tracking of social media treatment. Know more and try a Zoho Social demo.

Zoho Contact Manager: organize the contact in collaboration with team.

Zoho Forms: elaboration and distribution of online forms.

Zoho CRM Plus: CRM with marketing and sales application adds. Know more and try a Zoho CRM Plus demo.


Software to email and collaboration:

Software email y colaboracion ZohoZoho Mail: email software. Integrated with Zoho CRM.

Zoho Chat: communication integrated in work teams.

Zoho Docs: online and collaborative docs manage. Integrated with Zoho CRM.

Zoho Projects: projects management software. Integrated with Zoho CRM.

Zoho Connect: Social media private in the organization.

Zoho BugTracker: search and bugs correction.

Zoho Meeting: software for conferences and meetings online.

Zoho Vault: online password manager for teams.

Zoho Showtime: software for presentations.


Software for business and finance:

Software finanzas y negocios ZohoZoho Creator: allows the programation and personalized developments in Zoho suite. The possibilities are endless. More information about Zoho Creator.

Zoho Reports: tool of Business Intelligence and reporting.

Zoho Site24x7: availability monitoring and user experience.

Zoho Books: countable books.

Zoho Inventory: inventory control. More information about Zoho Inventory.

Zoho Invoice: software for managing billing. More information about Zoho Invoice

Zoho Subscriptions: recurrent invoices and management software.

Zoho Expense: expenses reports, subsistence allowance control and invoices.


Customer support software and human resources management

Software atención al cliente y rrhh zohoZoho Support: support control and maintenance tool. Know more and try a Zoho Support demo.

Zoho IT Help Desk: technical support in cloud.

Zoho Assist: remote assistance.

Zoho Recruit: software to select employees and human resources. Know more and try a Zoho Recruit demo.

Zoho People: employee website and human resources management. Know more and try a Zoho People demo.

Other applications:

Zoho Marketplace: a place where developers expose their Apps and plugins developed for Zoho suite.

Zoho Wiki: service that allows creating collaborative services.

Zoho Share: web repository centralized for sharing information.


Plugins and Apps for Zoho:

Zoho plugin para Microsoft Outlook: continues to display your Outlook mail while you work with Zoho mail. Plugin to connect Outlook with Zoho CRM, too.

Zoho plugin para Microsoft Office: allows edit documents with Zoho Docs, keeping the Outlook interface.

Zoho para Google Apps: connect with Zoho CRM and Google Apps: unifies Zoho CRM and Google Apps: unifies mail, agenda, login, attached docs to CRM…

Zoho CRM plugin para Mailichimp: cleaves the database to obtain skilled mailing and measure the statistics.

Zoho Project y Dropbox: the application to manage projects, now integrates the shares files for attaching documentation.

Joining the main modules of business management, and adding some more features, We have created Zoho ERP